“Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The History of User Research Understanding Our Past, Preparing for Our Future”

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The History of User Research   Understanding Our Past, Preparing for Our Future

For more than 100 years, researchers have worked not only to improve the experiences of the many things we use, but also to establish research as a valuable partner in the product life cycle. As a result of their work, research has finally begun to receive its rightful seat at the table in such places as tech, healthcare, education, government, travel, and many more.

Our panelists have nearly 200 years of combined experience in user research and are some of the most important, well-respected user research pioneers in our profession. They represent a diversity of backgrounds: cognitive psychology, development, human factors, philosophy, instructional design, anthropology, linguistics, technical communication — as well as extensive and varied UX experiences over many years.

After a brief introduction and some questions for the panel from the moderator, we’ll open the session to questions from attendees, many of whom are pioneers themselves with rich experience in the field.

Career Development and Management Entry Level
Location: Kierland 2-3 Date: June 25, 2019 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Rebecca Destello Ginny Redish Stephanie Rosenbaum Chauncey Wilson Cliff Anderson