Alberto Ferreira

Alberto Ferreira

Travel Republic Ltd.

UX Research Manager

Alberto Ferreira is a UX research and globalization services expert with over ten years of experience in UX on both client and agency side. He has worked on improving the online experience of some of the biggest companies in the world, including Sony, BBC, and Mars.

He is the author of Universal UX: Building Multicultural Experience, a book on the specialised practices and implementations of UX across the globe. He was the host and curator of the Localisation Processes Forum at LocWorld for 5 years, before deciding to invest more time as mentor and tutor for young UX students and practitioners. He writes and speaks frequently on topics ranging from Agile to persuasion design.

A multidisciplinarian with a soft spot for music, he is passionate about the development of User Experience as an autonomous field and understanding the depth of the relationship between the human mind, reality, and digital technology.

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