The Art of the Implicit Intuitive: Adventures in BBIF Persuasion Design

The Art of the Implicit Intuitive: Adventures in BBIF Persuasion Design

Cultural and social expectations play a major role in the psychological experience of a design. Driving user acceptance through persuasion and behaviour change is one of the biggest challenges a designer can face and one of the greatest gambles a global company can face. This workshop will focus on how to encourage behavioural change through subtle stimulation and mindful design, leveraging the users’ beliefs, expectations, and journey context.

We have seen a rise in interest on the impact of psychology in user experience. MVT and A/B testing with copy changes, imagery tests, and colour updates are on the menu of almost every single e-commerce website. WEBSITE and similar sites are full of persuasive hooks in an attempt to trigger a mindless click or an impulsive purchase. However, we have only started to scrape the surface of persuasive design as a design tool. When leveraged against deeper instruments like emotional mapping and tracking, persuasion becomes more than a bag of tricks or a toolbox. It needs to be embedded in the fabric of the values and personality of the brand itself. This presentation will introduce the awkwardly named BBIF (Brand-Behavioural Interaction Framework) as a way to bridge the two ends of the persuasive design spectrum.

In this dynamic and practical session, emphasis will be placed on strengthening skills and bridging strategies for effective persuasive design strategies and meta-skills that can be leveraged by any UX specialist. Among the theories and models applied, the talk will also pull together constructive aspects of interaction, sociology, and psychology studies.

Design Psychology Intermediate
Location: Kierland 4A Date: June 26, 2019 Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Alberto Ferreira