Why attend

Why Attend

We know there’s only so far your employee training and conference budget can go. Whether you’re running an in‐house UX department or managing a team at an agency that services many clients, you know how hard it can be to keep on top of emerging trends.

This is where UXPA 2019 conference comes in. This is the place to be for learning about best practices for user‐centered product development, usability research, product design, and real‐world case studies. Your employee won’t find a better place to learn about new ideas, methods, tools and techniques. They’ll return as stronger team members, re‐charged and ready to share those new approaches and perspectives with colleagues and the business.


Participants will:

  • Learn best practices from global UX experts. Past year’s conferences featured an incredible roster of experts from companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and GE ‐ companies that really know the value of designing amazing user experiences. With a choice of pre-conference courses, presentations and panels, attendees are bound to build up their UX arsenal.
  • Reinvigorate passion for their work. UXPA 2019 lets participants step off the project treadmill for a few days and reconnect with the passion that inspired them to become user experience professionals in the first place.
  • Build new relationships. UXPA 2019 is a truly international conference, which means your employee has the opportunity to meet UX practitioners from around the world. Perhaps they have solved similar pain points or project challenges you are currently facing. Don’t forget – this conference is tied to an organization with a 20+ year history in the field and calls some of the best and brightest members.

Ask your employee to list the specific benefits they think their attendance will bring to your company. Perhaps this can be adjusted to meet the requirements and needs of the whole UX team. We also encourage you to set up a conference debriefing session as soon as attendees return to work.

We hope you’re convinced that UXPA 2019 is an amazing opportunity for your employee/s—and maybe even for yourself!

The full program is now published here. If you have any questions you don’t see answered on our website, please drop us a line: chair2019@uxpa.org.