Kath Straub

Kath Straub


Principal and Founder

Kath Straub, Principal and Founder of Usability.org. With 20+ experience leading Customer Experience research and research teams, Kath has helped numerous companies, agencies and not for profit organizations establish usability capabilities, expand and tune team member skills and evolve their enterprise strategy to stay ahead of today’s challenges. Her work draws from motivation theory, cognitive and behavioral psychology, and plain language/psycholinguistics, and systems engineering to shape and improve the technology-mediated dialogues that organizations have with customers. today. She is known for her ability to transform obtuse, academic research into useful insights that be applied in practice. She likes to surround herself with smarter people, who challenge her thinking and push to push the field forward.

Kath is an energetic and entertaining presenter, and a regular contributor to the UXPA conference. She organized and moderated the first Agile UX Panel at UX(P)A in 2005.

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