Jennifer Otto

Jennifer Otto

Curious, open-minded, perceptive, and meticulous, I look at the world through a wide-angle lens, then work my way down to a microscope. With over 20 years of experience in user research and design, I uncover and visualize fresh insights to inform and inspire others.

With a love for math and inspiring children, I was originally a math education major. Forced to take Psych 101, I quickly changed my direction to Psychology, finding a passion for understanding the human mind and subconscious behaviors. Later in my career, I received my Master’s in User Experience Design, with hopes to make practical, actionable design recommendations based on both qualitative and quantitative insights.

People rely on technology to fulfill daily needs and thus deserve intuitive, quick, and engaging experiences. I believe that no matter what platform, device, or industry, we can give this to them through empathetic design that focuses on the user first.

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