Talking with Robots: Creating Voice Interfaces

Talking with Robots: Creating User Interfaces


Its predicted that by 2020, people will have more conversations with robots than their spouses. While we’ve historically used text to chat with bots, Voice experiences are beginning to permeate our technology. Whether using smart speakers like Alexa or mobile assistants like Siri, Voice provides us with new opportunities and challenges.

Together we’ll explore important themes & potential pitfalls to consider, including:

  • How can we create ethical experiences?
  • How can Voice support or hinder users’ success?
  • How does Voice change how we think about language?

By exploring concrete examples, we’ll discuss how as creators we can build the best Voice experience.

While Voice can be a powerful experience, it almost never lives in a vacuum. We’ll explore how & when to mix visual & voice interfaces. To create beautiful multi-modal experiences, we’ll discuss how to successfully transition from one interface to the next.

Excited to learn about Voice technology? Join us!

Entry Level Innovation and Emerging Technologies
Location: Kierland 4B Date: June 25, 2019 Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Jess Shutt