Scaling research without scaling the team

Scaling research without scaling the team

Digital product teams are moving faster and the desire to learn directly from users is increasing. When research headcount hasn’t caught up, others in the organization are taking matters into their own hands. How can we shift our role from the research bottleneck in the product development process to the coaches who empower more decision-makers to speak to users directly?

We’ll share the strategy we took to successfully scale the amount and impact of research happening at a fast-growing medium-sized startup as a team of three researchers.

You’ll learn how we:

  • Empowered stakeholders to answer their own tactical questions through research training workshops and self-serve resources.
  • Initiated a knowledge base that allows stakeholders to synthesize fresh insights from across past studies, increasing the lifespan of past and new research findings.
  • Slowed down and invested in research operations in order to move faster later.

Intermediate Tools and Techniques
Location: Kierland 1AB Date: June 26, 2019 Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Cordelia Hyland Jordan Berry Erik Olesund