Making Fact-Finding Fun: Using Activity-Based Protocols to Generate Conversation

Making Fact-Finding Fun: Using Activity-Based Protocols to Generate Conversation

You’re going into a research study, and are ready to converse with recruited
participants. You are mindful that research needs to produce valuable output,
and really hope for “good” participants: participants who answer your perfect
question with the perfect answer. If participants don’t live up to that
expectation, you come away disappointed, with a label indicating that you had
a “bad participant”.

The act of conducting research has long been under scrutiny for the its value,
and how it has a direct ROI on the organization. The pressure has consistently
remained on researchers, on how to ask “the right question”. The act of asking
“one good question” is expected to yield the answers to all unknowns.
What if researchers didn’t have to worry about how questions were asked?
What if participants could actually relax into questions, and be given a chance
to think about nuanced details that they do not dwell on every minute of their
day? There is a way to do this and be empathic to both researcher and

It is time to look at this process of asking questions holistically. All participants
want to do a good job of answering questions asked of them, and all
researchers want to do a good job in establishing rapport and engagement.
Let’s rethink the way we interact during research studies.
In this workshop, attendees can expect Meena to discuss:

  • The elements of a protocol for a research study
  • Hands-on techniques to assembling a protocol that is question-based
  • Approaches to converting a protocol from being question-based to being

Location: Powell B Date: June 24, 2019 Time: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm Meena Kothandaraman