“I am the LAAW! The Lean Accessibility Audit Workshop”

I am the LAAW!   The Lean Accessibility Audit Workshop

Fitting accessibility into an agile development cycle can be challenging. Often accessibility specialists are spread thin across agile squads and they have to deliver quickly into multiple sprint cycles.

To meet the demand I looked to Lean UX principles and developed The Lean Accessibility Audit Workshop (LAAW). LAAW has two goals 1) detect accessibility problems quickly and 2) spread the accessibility knowledge. This is accomplished by training members of agile squads on accessibility basics, evaluation methods and tools. The training evolves into an accessibility audit as squad members collaboratively capture, share and prioritize findings. The LAWW method compresses a 6-8 week evaluation process into a 2 weeks process while training squad members to detect and avoid accessibility issues in the future. And it can be pretty fun.

This session will explain how to bring LAAW to your organization.

Entry Level Tools and Techniques
Location: Kierland 4C Date: June 27, 2019 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Mike Ryan