Check(mate) Your Bias: A game-driven approach to educating your team about bias

Check(mate) Your Bias:  A game-driven approach to educating your team about bias

Dust off your dice, break out the game board, and get ready to check(mate) your bias! This talk covers how to leverage game play to highlight cognitive bias, how to foster a shared team understanding about bias, and how to see its impact on our work as UX practitioners. By recognizing our own cognitive biases, we can begin to see how our team’s internal biases can distort the perception of research data, design direction, and users.

We will provide an educator’s toolkit to teach your UX team about common cognitive biases using engaging, memorable game play. We will also discuss how these biases influence our work as user experience practitioners when it comes to design, research, and content. We will then provide recommendations on how to implement a cognitive bias game-based training practice in your user experience team or organization.

Game on!

Intermediate Tools and Techniques
Location: Kierland 4A Date: June 27, 2019 Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Joe Johnson Caron Garstka